TrumpsScore is an Android mobile application designed to assist scoring for the card game Trumps.

As with many popular card games, different people in different places have different rules.
This app deals with the rules our people use in our places, but we’d love to share them with you.

There is a full tutorial for how the game is played in the app but we will go over it below.

What you Need

1 Deck of Cards, The Hyper Thetical Games TrumpsScore app.

What you no longer need

Pen/Pencil, Ruler, Paper, 10-15 minutes drawing out a grid for scoring and 5 minutes adding up scores at the end. *Approx times.

How To Play

setup the app

Add/Select player names on the app. This should be done in order from the dealer, clockwise around the table.

Select Number of Rounds.

Start the Game.

Playing the game

The app will tell you which player needs to deal the cards, and how many. The number of cards players have is the number of rounds in this section of the game.

This player should shuffle the cards and then begin dealing, first to their left then the final card of the round to themselves.

Feel free to look at your cards. don’t let the other players peek though. I will explain how the game is scored after this.

The Aim of the game

Each round will either have a trump suit, or not. In order of Diamonds - Clubs - Hearts - Spades - No Trumps. Changing each round. The app will let you know which suit it is.

Players need to put down the highest card (aces high) to win the round.

You must play the same suit as the first player (if you have one).

Playing a different suit will automatically see you lose the round.

However if it is the trump suit, it will overrule the cards currently down (so long as it’s the highest Trump card played.

That is how the cards are played, but not how the game is scored.

How the game is scored

Players must decide, how many rounds they think they will win.

If you have a 3 of spades on the first round, you are very unlikely to win.

In this case it would be best to say “I think I will not win any rounds”.

The player in charge of the scoring app, will then input the players guess into the app.

The app will tell you who is next to make their estimated guess.

Once all the guesses are in, the round of cards can be played.

Scoring the Round

Each time a player has the highest card on the table in a round, that player takes that pile of cards.

The aim is to end with the same number of piles of cards as you estimated at the beginning of the round.

At the end of the round, the player with the scoring app will confirm whether each player got the correct number of card piles that they estimated.

Scores will be automatically calculated based on the outcome.

The app will then tell you who is dealing next and step you through the next section of the game.

I hope that made sense, we will have some videos coming soon explaining the game with examples.
There is also a tutorial that can be enabled from the main screen in the app.

Have Fun