The idea is simple, clear the grid with colour combos to get the highest score possible.

The current grid can be retried with better strategies for more points as you learn techniques.

Multiple grid arrangements are algorithmically generated at the click of a button using our special ProbabillaGrid Technology!

The game features grid snap movement and a handy Double Dpad for the more fast paced Pressure and Rush modes.

Game difficulty is based on 4 factors, "Number of Colours", "Probabiligrid Technology degree", Pressure and Rush.

Prototype Vision

Unfortunately due to the demands of capitalism we have had to tailor the game in a way that will actually earn us a few pennies to get along day to day. The full game will be unlockable removing all adverts and allowing you to play as much as you like without hanging around for hours.  sorry :-( 

Coming soon to Android.
Then maybe later at some point to IOS, PC, Consoles, VR, AR, LARP, Olympics.