Frogs n Bees.PNG

Frogs & bees is the new state of the art mobile gaming experience, brought to you from Hyper Thetical Games.
Hop, and save bees. As a frog, what more could you want?
Avoid croaking in a variety of ways as you hop over mushrooms and lily pads watering plants to save as many bees as you can.

We have included a wide selection of selectable frogs, if you count 4 as a wide number.
We also have a wide selection of scenarios, if you count at 3 to be a wide selection.

If you want a chilled out simple tap left or right game which gets progressively more difficult the more north you get, then this is the perfect game for you.
Including freshly home made scenario themed theme music for each scenario made in one of our premier homes of Hyper Thetical computer game making.

This game has been designed and created over many hours of careful consideration, if you were to consider around 4 and 25 respectively as a sufficient amount of care for an exciting new mobile game for all the family.

Are you the best and potentially luckiest, due to the semi random procedurally generated landing pad grids hopper in the whole group of your family and friends and also globally?

There's only one way to find out. Download for free, soon on android mobile devices.