What is it?

Only the most intense, fast paced, punishing and very satisfying game to come to the PS Vita.

You control an orb of Ele-Mental power able to switch between four different Ele-Ments (Water, Fire, Earth, Electric). Enemy Ele-Ments will come at you from all angles. You must avoid different Ele-Ments and absorb matching ones. 

Sound simple enough? Well it ain't that easy! You're going to have to get in 'The Zone'.

With a huge variety of game modes to play and a number of enemy types to avoid and absorb, this fast-paced game, that lets you jump straight back in to play keeps you coming back for 'just one more go'.

There are a plenty of unlockables and it tracks your top scores for bragging rights and to challenge yourself further. 

Update 1.01 Available now.
Includes Playstation TV compatibility, £1 price drop and Music updates

Update 1.2 Available now
Includes PS style controls as well as the classic xbox style.
And the introduction of Ele-Medals, A selection of challenges of varying difficulties to bring even seasoned Ele-Mentalists to their knees. I would love to see the screen full of medals one day
The final addition to the game is a complete rewrite of the original hardcore mode tune.

Ele-Mental Trailer          A game created by a hardcore gamer for hardcore gamers


"Can this color-chasing game test the patience of even the hardcore gamer?"
PSVita Reviews
Unfortunately it appears this website is no longer up, they gave it 8/10

Where can I play it?

Ele-Mental is no longer available on the Playstation Mobile store on PSVita and compatible certified Playstation Mobile devices.

Not Available in UK, Ireland, Japan, USA, Canada, India, Austrailia and New Zealand. It's a sad day for Ele-Mental and PSMobile