CentraSphere (dev on hold)

What is It?

Take a knee in the presence of the Almighty CentraSphere.

Contenstants take to the arena for the enjoyment of the Centra. Racing for points or battling opponents,

Don your helmet and enter the arena.


Designed for the Oculus Rift and soon GearVR,
Played with a controller

Single Player

Players collect checkpoints scattered around the arena, each one will give extra time, 1 point and 1 bullet.
Bullets can be fired at floating targets, hitting these gives you 1 point and 2 more bullets
Bullets shoot in the direction the player is looking.


CentraSphere - Level Design

CentraSphere - Ship prototype

Multi player

Players collect checkpoints to gain a point while causing the opponent to lose a point.
Both players start with 5, the first to 10 wins.
Bullets create forcefields that slow ships down.

In Development

Currently we are working on some welcome improvements all round and a new multiplayer game mode where players take territory around the arena.