SouthWest VR

Late night programming sessions, stress. Why isn't it working, will be able to get a demo out in time. 
We had one final late night of fine tuning then managed to set up in the hour before delegates walked through the door!


CentraSphere! A two player competitive racing game set inside a sphere specifically designed for VR and the Rift. One thing we noticed when people used the rift was that they wouldn't really look around and use the rift to its full potential. We set out to change that. Setting the game inside a sphere would force the players to look around to find the checkpoints they are also able to aim by sight and fire at the competition across the arena.


So what was the response of this unknown game from this small company no one had ever heard of? Actually amazing! People loved it, all day we had player after player coming to try our game each and everyone giving us positive feedback. We spoke about future plans for the company and people loved our ideas! Made a few contacts and hopefully got our name out there which is the best we could have hoped for!


Along side us where amazing games such as Radial-G, Salvaged, VR Karts, Crystal Rift and Pixel Rift. New amazing technology from Ultrahaptics and Wizdish. The conference was packed with talks from the likes of Sony, Bossa, Oculus, Fire Panda and many more. All in all it was an amazing day and we were very lucky to be a part of it. 

Thanks go to Dan Page at SWVR, Opposable Games and @Bristol for the opportunity.