Ele-Mental is back once again with its greatest iteration yet. Built for Consoles and PC using Epic's amazing Unreal Engine

We have been working hard to get this game made ready for the people.

With 1-4 player co-op / competitive gameplay on almost every level and mode in the game, you can enjoy a great night in with good friends racking up the absorbs, earning Hypal Coin and unlocking endless hours of enjoyable features.

Fast paced pure action-arcade gameplay will keep you coming back for more, in an often futile attempt to best your high scores.

Never will you be unfairly beaten by the enemies, with a good strategy and precision playing there is always a way you could have done it, just try harder and show us what you've got. 


Beat 8 levels of increasing difficulty as fast as you can. But there's not just 1 arcade, the arcade contains 10 variations, ranging from Gently Strategic to Turbo Hardcore.


Rack up the points by absorbing as much as you can before you are overwhelmed by the hordes. On top of all the levels available is Relentless mode, which adds a twist to everything and gives them all new high scores to go for.


Complete 100 missions on your way to the top, each mission has a set target of absorbs and is timed. Challenge your previous times and work your way through. Includes various boss battles along the way.


Here you can design your own levels using any of the enemies. There are also a variety of modifiers to add to the fun and give yourself and friends new and exciting challenges.
You can even save some of these home made levels to

Pure Competition

Specifically designed competitive local multiplayer modes, Single players may not enter.(sorry).
Each competetive challenge will allow a variety of modifiers to keep things interesting.


Pick a friend or three you can really rely on and try to beat everything in Pure Co-op gameplay. 


Unlockables are a big part of the game and allow you to progress how you want to, unlock some new survival modes, how about a couple of arcade modes or Creator options? Fancy changing things up with Relentless mode? Or perhaps some more pure multiplayer fun.

High Scores

Arcade - Best Times and Number of Retries.
Survival - High Scores
Relentless Survival - High Scores
Missions - Progression and Best Times. 
All have separate single player, multiplayer, pure Co-Op 2P and Co-Op 4P high scores.
Pass controllers among friends and quickly change names to save them along with all the top scores.


More statistics than you can shake a stati-stick at.


Story mode is text based adventure with battles along the way, You can find money, buy things to help; solve the mystery and save the day.
The story will provide a small bit of understanding of the back story of Ele-Mental.
There is also a Hardcore version of the story, same story, but harder.

Both will have best completion times so you can have your names written in the pages of lore.


Like achievements or trophys, but more medally.

Earning Coins

There are a number of ways to earn coins to spend on in game features.
Firstly you have incremental absorb rewards. After a certain number of absorbs of each Enemy or Ele-Ment you will earn some coins. You can also earn coins from a number of skillful play techniques, Combos, Chains and Rapids.
There might even be a few floaty coins to grab.

Free party

Free party mode turns the game into a big competition, it can be played single player but its best played multiplayer. Every game played in Free Party will be recorded on the Party Board. it shows the name of each player, how many games they have played, the absorbs they have got and any wins they have accheived during the Free Party.

Free Party automatically unlocks all of Survival, Missions, Arcade and Creator modes. Allowing you to try before you buy or have a little tournament among friends.
During Free Party a number of things will be disabled, Highscores, Stats, Coins, Ele-Medals, XP, Pure Multiplayer and Story mode.