Card Game

What is It?

[Card Game] is our twist on a Virtual Card Game. The gameplay is predominantly Co-Op and seats 1 - 4 players. You will have a character which you are responsible for looking after and leveling up as they explore different terrains in search of loot and fame.
This will be our second game designed with VR in mind, so we have some cool plans to make it a more enjoyable experience to be played this way.


Characters will travel around procedurally generated maps receiving quests in search of objectives.


Characters will come to life as cards are played to defeat an array of monsters and general evil doers.


As you progress your loot will begin to pile up. This can be used to buy Upgrades, Weapons and Armour.


Characters will encounter strangers along their journey, this could be bad or turn into fruitful endeavors.


Players characters will improve and level up over time, these levels will unlock extra classes and gear.


A variety of classes will be unlockable, each will have their own perks and abilities.


Harness the elements to power up your attacks and defense, unearth new strategies for success.