Ele-Mental Concept Demo

What is it?

Ele-Mental 2 is the return of the unforgiving fast paced colour dodging, enemy absorbing game. The gameplay is simple but the mastery is not. This is the sequel to the Playstation Vita original (Available now). I (Chris) have always wanted to make this game on PC to be able to bring it to the widest possible audience and would also love to bring it to consoles. Using Unreal Engine 4 we intend to bring a definitive version of Ele-Mental with loads of features, high scores, high frills and multiplayer madness.

Currently in development we have so far got 4 players working with a variety of enemies and loads of back end stuff ready.
This time round we are going for a modular design to make it easier to add more content as we progress.

pre Alpha Tech Demo Showcase

This version is a tech demo I threw together as a learning excercise in Unreal Engine before starting on the proper one, I could carry on with it but I that feel completely starting over with what we have learned from this and CentraSphere would be beneficial. This demo is available for anyone to download and enjoy and struggle to complete the 10 demo challenges I have set. (I've just about managed 9 of them)




The graphics aren't a great deal better than the original but I just wanted to get something out as a concept and give everyone without a vita something to play and maybe look forward to. There are no deadlines on the release of the final version, but time will be dedicated to it.

Hope you enjoy it and would like to hear any feedback. Cheers 


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