Grab Some Cards and Get Gaming

Hello there

Happy June one and all.
We have been very lackluster with our social media output for a long time, we are but 2 fellows with full time jobs trying to make games in our spare time.

Even if the internet doesn’t know what we have been up to, doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to anything.


If you missed the news on the day we were supposed to release this blog post, We have an App available on Android, TrumpsScore is out now FREE on most Android devices.

Grab a deck of cards and up to 12 friends and family to play a game.

Use your deductive skills to guess how many rounds you’ll win.
Deal out the round and prepare to consider your strategy.
Aces high, but the trumps are always higher.
Play to win or play to lose, you’ll score points as long as you play correctly.

It’s a great card game and this app makes it even easier. You even get a a scoreboard and sweet graph at the end of every game. Also your names and win counts are stored for bragging rights.

Give it a go and have fun.
TrumpsScore. Available now on the Android Play Store


A date is stamped in the calendar.
This is the first deadline we have ever had so it may go over a little as we also need to prepare for launch most likely on PC before any consoles.

We are hoping to have the game ready by August, maybe even sooner.
Any extra time we have will be used for polish and preparation for launch.

We cannot wait for people to get their hands on Ele-Mental to enjoy what we have made.
Highly addictive and tactical four player fun for all. Enjoy responsibly.

The game features a huge number of unlockables that you can work through at your leisure and in any order you wish.
Check out the link above for more information.

Near Future to not so Distant Future

Once Ele-Mental is released we are going to work on finishing ComboNations for Android, a puzzley strategy game with online scores to challenge yourself, friends and the rest of the world. Most of this game ( gameplay and code wise ) is already complete.

Along with this we are going to further develop the story and user interfaces for a Point ‘n’ Click adventure game we have planned. More details on this to come.

Hopefully Ele-Mental will pick up some traction and get some fans, then we will be looking to release it on other platforms.

Oh, and I have been working on a number of card games single and multi player, that will be released as a set of rules in an app at some point. Will have to make a simple app for that as well one day, more games will potentially be added if and when they are designed. All played with a normal deck of cards. Some games may require multiple decks.

I’m gonna get back to development land.