Blog me up

Hi Everyone

Back once again, it’s blog time.

Here on our ‘bi-yearly’ blog we like to give you up to date information on what we are doing and where we are at with our games development.


We have put this game on hold, it’s not far off completion though. So when we get back to it, it shouldn’t take too long. But it may be a while before we get back to it.


For those that don’t know, this is an app used to score the card game of Trumps (with the rules we use). It has been under full development and is very nearly complete, we just want to get some sound effects in there, because everyone loves needless pizazz in their applications.


I am sure everyone remembers the iconic Ele-Mental, once available on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.
Well… about 20 people world wide bought it before the store was taken offline, so I don’t blame you if you never played it.

This is not the only reason it was re-created from the ground up, the main reason is because I absolutely love playing it and want other people to enjoy it too.

If you love a challenge or just want to improve your hand eye coordination and strategic cognitive reasoning development while bopping your head to pounding bangers, then this game is for you. Even if you don’t you can turn off the music and just play the casual levels until you get more good.

With full compatibility for up to 4 local players across all game modes you can have loads of fun with good friends. Get some high scores and fast times and push harder to beat your previous best.

This game has been in rapid spare time development ( sometimes ). We are onto our third menu system. First was boring, second was too complicated, the third is working nicely. We just need to give it a few more design tweaks. ( and a few bits still need adding ).

We have also decided to add a story mode and Hardcore story mode to the game.
It is a short text based adventure with battles, objectives, money to find and things to buy to make it easier along the way. But it’s permadeath so be careful.
It will also include fastest completion times with players names.
Two sets of times will be recorded, battle times only and total including the story parts. Great for speedrunners.

More to come soon, Check the main page for estimated completion percentages on games in development.