Hmmmm... Where to begin.

After finishing development on ComboNation, and almost submitting it, we had an idea.
Unfortunately, this idea has put us way behind release schedule as it has resulted in starting the whole game again from scratch.
It would have been foolish to try to wedge it in to what we already had.
Although ComboNation is a great game, with exciting and innovative gameplay, it lacked character and any reason for doing what you are doing.

Welcome, to ComboNations. (note the s) (an extra character)

ComboNations is a strategic puzzler.
Controlling the "Combinatron Input Valve" , players will suck planets into the Rejigulation chamber in an attempt to combine them into bigger and better planets capable of sustaining intelligent life.

See.... told you..... Character.

The core gameplay is exactly as it was before, however scoring is calculated differently now.

We have also added a new game mode and a much more rewarding grid completion bit.

Now I know what you are all thinking..... pics or it didn't happen.
Well you are just gonna have to wait a little longer. (Probably less than 5 months this time)