Man Down!!!

Things have been a bit all over the place recently, unfortunately we have lost one of our members (Sad to see you go Sam)  so there are only 2 of us left now.
Focus and enthusiasm slipped for a couple of weeks but we are now back to it working hard on a new full build of CentraSphere.
We have it running at the optimal frame rate on the Gear VR and it can support up to 4 players.

A decision has been reached that we should learn C++ as it is more efficient than just using blueprints, so we are going to lean that way with future developments
Because of this EleMental 2 has become an empty project again, plenty has been done in the blueprint version so most of it needs converting to code.

So we have got plates full and we are just about to go on holiday! 10 days away then we are back to programming again.

Sorry for the lack of updates on here, if you would like more frequent updates (or holiday pictures) follow our Twitter @Hyper_Thetical and Instagram account @hypertheticalgames.

See you guys in just over 4 months :)