Busy Busy Weeks

The last few weeks have been busy for us. Working on graphical upgrades for CentraSphere, a new game mode and also gettting Ele-Mental 2 off the ground with 4 players.

We showed off CentraSphere at Develop:Brighton which you can read all about in our new conferences section on our website. The whole trip was a great success for us and we are looking forward to our next chance to expo.

Quite a few changes have been applied to Centrasphere. A new menu system with little animated ships, updated look to the slow domes and a targetting system turning the outline of the floating targets green when they are in sight.
We also almost finished a new game mode in which players drive over tiles to change them to their colour, there are also towers around the arena which can be lit up in your colour if you own all the surrounding panels. We are still not 100% sure of the scoring and rules for this game mode as we haven't had it working well enough to test. 

Ele-Mental 2 is coming along well, everything is split into the correct parts using a state machine design and we have 4 players and collisions working nicely.

Our current efforts are going into getting the CentraSphere demo available as soon as possible for free release
Then we will start on the full featured version from the ground up.

We are also currently looking into Playstation development and hope to get a dev kit for the Morpheus headset.

Thanks for your time.