Too much gaming

So we have been to a festival and playing a lot of Splatoon  and with E3 upon us now we are excited to say the least, FFVII anyone? So game development has been a bit slow the last few weeks, but we are back on it now.  Concerning our new project We have prototyped a couple of test versions and made some models but need to get back on track and focus our workload to get the most out of our time.

CentraSphere News.
We were invited to California to demo CentraSphere at SoCalVR, but unfortunately had to turn it down due to the huge cost.
CentraSphere is running smoothly on the GearVR with some minor chuggs here and there. However we had to strip it down to the bare basics, to build it back up again better optimised than before.
We have come up with another 2 game modes and some nice features that we are also planning to implement.

Ele-Mental 2 is still in the very early stages, but a lot of the base code has been written.
We are going for a modular approach which will allow us to add new enemies and gamemodes much easier than before. We already have a bunch of game modes planned, single and multiplayer. More info will be revealed soon.

One weekend at some time in the future we are going to do our own personal game jam to smash out a mobile game I have had planned for years. Obviously we will spend time after the weekend to make it better but we are going to get the concept down and controls tight.

Something to look forward to anyway.