CentraSphere GamePlay Video, Ele-Mental Updates

Evening you lovely people,

A new update to Ele-Mental has been released! Now players can enjoy the fast action on their TVs with Playstation TV, a handy device that allows you to play most PSVita games and loads of other downloadable titles from the playstation store on your TV (if you didn't know already)

The update also brings it to you at a cheaper price and includes a complete remake of one tune and an update to another.

Ben is smashing it with CentraSphere getting loads of good stuff done and we are please to bring you a video showing off the single player component! We have been planning this for over a month, but we are finally happy enough with the way is to do so. 

We have a little more work to do on the multiplayer before we can release the demo. This hopefully wont take too much longer and we will be able to release it for all you rifters out there.

We are also hoping to bring it to Android to be used with Google Cardboard and Gear VR or what ever VR headset people may have!

Even though Ele-Mental has only just been updated, we will have another one within a few weeks. This latest and final update will include Playstation colour controls at the request of some of the players and also Ele-Medals, a trophy system which tasks you to complete 20 super tough challenges in an attempt to fully complete the game and get your name on our website in the hall of fame. 
The first gamer to show us the proof will win an exclusive Ele-Mental T-Shirt. Play hard.    

Until we return!