The week that's done some stuff

Hello there.

This week we are back on it. 
We ordered a Playstation TV to get Ele-Mental compatible with it, and because we have taken so long to get this blog out it has already arrived and the update for Ele-Mental has been submitted for review.
The update includes an updated song that was meant to be in the original but with having lots to think about, putting it in slipped by unnoticed. I have replaced another tune with a complete remake of it with better synths and a bit more structure and variety. and of course PSTV compatibility .

We are well on the way to having our CentraSphere Single Player Demo ready for the publics playing pleasure. and due to blog lateness the Multiplayer portion is nearly done and will also be included. We have had to make alterations to the gameplay to make it a more enjoyable single player experience, also been working on a nice hud and reworking of the scoring system for multiplayer.

In our multiplayer version for the VR conference we had players shoot bullets to create slowy downers (A bubble on the arena which reduces speed when inside). This made no sense single player so we have made the slowy downers randomly grow and shrink around the arena.

The shooting has not been removed, instead we have added targets that appear off ground to add extra points and provide a bit more of a challenge, while collecting the time giving checkpoints.

We have recently set up an instagram account
Check it out and follow for topical pictures and Hyper Thetical game related stuff.

Until next time, stay frosty.