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Dearest most trusted and lovely readers. 

This week we just have a quick update on our goings on.

Chris has still been hard at work on Ele-mental 2 again. Just to give you an idea of why he wanted to start again, here is a screenshot of the demos level blueprint and list of functions.

The new version being worked on is a lot neater with the right stuff in the right places, rather than all stuffed into one. We have come up with a few new gameplay modes that should be good fun and some cool ideas for the unlockables system as well.  

Sam has been experimenting with some art styles for our next game. He has put together some very early character concepts. Here's a couple of pics

Ben has been reading and learning some game development and story writing techniques for pointy, clicky, puzzley type games (hint hint).

Finally for all you Ele-Mentalists out there, we have created a new page to show off your skills. Chris has uploaded some pictures of his scores and we would love to see some from you. Send your pics to any of our email addresses and we will put them up for you.

I'll be back (in an Arnold accent) 
HTG Crew