Ele-Mental, Oh it's on!!

Today is a big day, for me (Chris Maule) and Hyper Thetical Games.
Ele-Mental for Playstation Vita has been released.

I have worked on this game for over a year adding features and tweaking it until I was finally (almost) happy with it, I have a couple of plans for a free update sometime in the future, so look out for that.

I first devised and created Ele-Mental for PC in a never released attempt at an indie game on Xbox360 back in my first year of Uni many moons ago. It only had 4 game modes, but it also had 4 player co-op and competitve gameplay.

When I saw Sony offering free developers and Publishers licences for Playstation Mobile , I decided to give it another shot.

I am very proud to bring this game to everyone and I hope that you all enjoy playing it as much as I have making it.

We are already well underway with a multiPlatform sequel using Unreal Engine 4, so expect some actual graphics in the next one, plus more game modes, enemy types, tons of missions and more well produced music from some great local Bristol talent. And of course.... up to 4 Player Multiplayer action.

More info on CentraSphere coming very soon.

A game created by a Hardcore Gamer for Hardcore Gamers