First actual update!

Today was a very good day!

Several pieces of good news to share with you all, Firstly we've been invited to attend South West VR (SWVR)

A developer conference being held at the @Bristol Science Center with some big names in Virtual Reality including Oculus and Unity3D. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss VR development. If you are a VR enthusiast or developer, this is a must-go day out. For more details and tickets visit SWVR.

Secondly we had a major breakthrough with our first big project CentraSphere, we compiled and tested our first multiplayer prototype and we are on track for having a working demo to show at SWVR

CentraSphere is our first team project. An original racing game designed specifically for VR. We are getting quite excited about this now and are looking forward to bringing some screenshots to the public in the coming weeks. We will have a new page on here when we have a bit more to show. 

Lastly, news about Ele-Mental. We have made progress on the trailer and will be uploading it soon for all to see. Sony have been having a break reviewing and accepting new games over the new year but are now back open for business, so the game will be uploaded for verification very soon.

We will be making regular updates so make sure to check back often!