Just a quick one

Our first app TrumpScore, rebranded to TrumpsScore is currently in Beta testing.
just got a couple of things to add like audio and particles while it’s being tested, so it should be available to the public very soon.

 Main Menu

Main Menu

 Guessing stage

Guessing stage

 Confirmation Stage

Confirmation Stage

Ele-mental is in steam train development and I am very tired, but I have booked 16 days off between now and Christmas so I am hoping to get loads of it done by then.

So many little things have been fixed and updated recently making it much nicer to play and look at and listen to. Gonna be meeting up with a fantastic music producer this friday to bring the games tunes up a few notches.

Things are looking good and we are looking forward to finally having some stuff available after years of having the company.

Blog me up

Hi Everyone

Back once again, it’s blog time.

Here on our ‘bi-yearly’ blog we like to give you up to date information on what we are doing and where we are at with our games development.


We have put this game on hold, it’s not far off completion though. So when we get back to it, it shouldn’t take too long. But it may be a while before we get back to it.


For those that don’t know, this is an app used to score the card game of Trumps (with the rules we use). It has been under full development and is very nearly complete, we just want to get some sound effects in there, because everyone loves needless pizazz in their applications.


I am sure everyone remembers the iconic Ele-Mental, once available on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.
Well… about 20 people world wide bought it before the store was taken offline, so I don’t blame you if you never played it.

This is not the only reason it was re-created from the ground up, the main reason is because I absolutely love playing it and want other people to enjoy it too.

If you love a challenge or just want to improve your hand eye coordination and strategic cognitive reasoning development while bopping your head to pounding bangers, then this game is for you. Even if you don’t you can turn off the music and just play the casual levels until you get more good.

With full compatibility for up to 4 local players across all game modes you can have loads of fun with good friends. Get some high scores and fast times and push harder to beat your previous best.

This game has been in rapid spare time development ( sometimes ). We are onto our third menu system. First was boring, second was too complicated, the third is working nicely. We just need to give it a few more design tweaks. ( and a few bits still need adding ).

We have also decided to add a story mode and Hardcore story mode to the game.
It is a short text based adventure with battles, objectives, money to find and things to buy to make it easier along the way. But it’s permadeath so be careful.
It will also include fastest completion times with players names.
Two sets of times will be recorded, battle times only and total including the story parts. Great for speedrunners.

More to come soon, Check the main page for estimated completion percentages on games in development.



Hmmmm... Where to begin.

After finishing development on ComboNation, and almost submitting it, we had an idea.
Unfortunately, this idea has put us way behind release schedule as it has resulted in starting the whole game again from scratch.
It would have been foolish to try to wedge it in to what we already had.
Although ComboNation is a great game, with exciting and innovative gameplay, it lacked character and any reason for doing what you are doing.

Welcome, to ComboNations. (note the s) (an extra character)

ComboNations is a strategic puzzler.
Controlling the "Combinatron Input Valve" , players will suck planets into the Rejigulation chamber in an attempt to combine them into bigger and better planets capable of sustaining intelligent life.

See.... told you..... Character.

The core gameplay is exactly as it was before, however scoring is calculated differently now.

We have also added a new game mode and a much more rewarding grid completion bit.

Now I know what you are all thinking..... pics or it didn't happen.
Well you are just gonna have to wait a little longer. (Probably less than 5 months this time)





Man Down!!!

Things have been a bit all over the place recently, unfortunately we have lost one of our members (Sad to see you go Sam)  so there are only 2 of us left now.
Focus and enthusiasm slipped for a couple of weeks but we are now back to it working hard on a new full build of CentraSphere.
We have it running at the optimal frame rate on the Gear VR and it can support up to 4 players.

A decision has been reached that we should learn C++ as it is more efficient than just using blueprints, so we are going to lean that way with future developments
Because of this EleMental 2 has become an empty project again, plenty has been done in the blueprint version so most of it needs converting to code.

So we have got plates full and we are just about to go on holiday! 10 days away then we are back to programming again.

Sorry for the lack of updates on here, if you would like more frequent updates (or holiday pictures) follow our Twitter @Hyper_Thetical and Instagram account @hypertheticalgames.

See you guys in just over 4 months :)

Busy Busy Weeks

The last few weeks have been busy for us. Working on graphical upgrades for CentraSphere, a new game mode and also gettting Ele-Mental 2 off the ground with 4 players.

We showed off CentraSphere at Develop:Brighton which you can read all about in our new conferences section on our website. The whole trip was a great success for us and we are looking forward to our next chance to expo.

Quite a few changes have been applied to Centrasphere. A new menu system with little animated ships, updated look to the slow domes and a targetting system turning the outline of the floating targets green when they are in sight.
We also almost finished a new game mode in which players drive over tiles to change them to their colour, there are also towers around the arena which can be lit up in your colour if you own all the surrounding panels. We are still not 100% sure of the scoring and rules for this game mode as we haven't had it working well enough to test. 

Ele-Mental 2 is coming along well, everything is split into the correct parts using a state machine design and we have 4 players and collisions working nicely.

Our current efforts are going into getting the CentraSphere demo available as soon as possible for free release
Then we will start on the full featured version from the ground up.

We are also currently looking into Playstation development and hope to get a dev kit for the Morpheus headset.

Thanks for your time.


Too much gaming

So we have been to a festival and playing a lot of Splatoon  and with E3 upon us now we are excited to say the least, FFVII anyone? So game development has been a bit slow the last few weeks, but we are back on it now.  Concerning our new project We have prototyped a couple of test versions and made some models but need to get back on track and focus our workload to get the most out of our time.